Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Your House is on Fire - What to Save?

Have you ever been asked the question, "If your house was on fire and you had three minutes to grab anything, what would you save?"

What was your answer?

Did you think long and hard about what you wanted to save or did you just say the first things that popped into your head?

Was it your photo albums?

Was it your phone?

Was it your computer?

Was it your purse or wallet?

Was it a person?

What would you save out of your burning house if you only had three minutes?

Think for a minute.

What is most important in your life?

Is it the electronic gadgets and material possessions that are more important to you? Who decides what is important? Is it the society that bombards you with ideas of what's more important in your life?

Maybe you should listen to your heart. Seek the internal truth. In 1 John Chapter 2: 16-17:

"These are the ways of the world: wanting to please our sinful selves, wanting the sinful things we see, and being too proud of what we have. None of these come from the Father, but all of  them come from the world. The world and everything that people want in it are passing away, but the person who does what God wants lives forever."

In a world where you are bombarded by fabricated needs, it helps to keep your internal compass on the truth.

Material items are fine for this world, but you can't take them to heaven with you.

Think about this: Periodically assess your life and discern what's really valued in your life. Remember, invest in what you can take with you to heaven.

Now, if your life ended tomorrow, think about what you'd take with you and what intangibles you would leave behind. Keep your life in perspective. If you ask yourself this question periodically, it would help you center on what is really important in your life - what you know is truly a priority.

Would you like to answer the house burning question differently?

Image credit: nadil / 123RF Stock Photo
Reference: 100 Favorite Bible Verses for Women


The Dose of Reality said...

My family 100%.
Great question. :)-Ashley said...

I was about 11 or 12 the first time I remember being asked this question. Then I said photos. Now that I'm a mom I would say my baby, of course. But I would still try to grab the photo album and my journals. Great post. Btw, thank for the Liebster nomination. I answered the questions here-->

Vicki M. Taylor said...

Ashley, great answer, Be-Quoted, I like how your answer changes as you grow. Have a blessed day!

MamaRabia said...

Thanks a pretty deep question for a Friday night, VIcki, so I'm not sure how well I can answer it. I would, for sure, make sure my kids and husband were out. I have a memory box of photos and artwork in the dining room that I'd go after next. And my kids' special loveys.

Ugochi said...

If we get distracted by the things in this world we would lose focus of where we are headed.
Thanks a lot for sharing!