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Listed below are my current books in reverse order with the newest showing first.

Words Heal - A self-guided creative writing, expressive therapy & journaling process

Genre: Self-Help, Journaling, Therapy

Words Heal uses self-guided imagery, expressive writing therapy, and journaling to work with those recovering from or living with a range of tough personal challenges, or who struggle with discouraging health issues, chronic illness, traumas, distress, poor quality of life, negativity and adverse situations, and would like to have a better attitude, a better quality of life, a more joyful life, and develop a positive attitude all in the privacy of their own space at their own pace.

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Second Glances Second Chances

Genre: Speculative Fiction

Erica, a bartender in the Florida Keys wakes up next to a naked man. How she got there, why she was there, or who he was were all questions she couldn't answer. Read how she fights to get her life back. Is it Destiny? Fate? or Choice? See which action Erica takes.

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Out for Justice

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Rookie Detective Karen Sykes is out to prove she is good at her job, finding justice for a darkness in her past through law enforcement. She gets her first chance to shine with a case that hits a little too close to home. Like her younger sister, a four-year-old boy, has been brutally murdered. The case pairs her with Mike Connelly, an attractive crime scene technician, and sparks fly between the two of them. Mike resists the attraction and only adds more emotional conflict to the case.

When her partner becomes the latest victim and ends up in the hospital near death, Karen sets out to find the murderer before he hurts anyone else. Only the case gets trickier when the murder suspect ends up dead, leaving new clues to the real killer. Finding comfort in Mike's support, their relationship heats up, but so does the investigation. The killer has a plan. One that involves a Cat and Mouse game of hide and seek inside the hospital, where her partner struggles for his life. Karen discovers it takes more than catching a killer to make the pain of her past go away. It also takes opening her heart and learning to trust in others.

Good Intentions
Genre: Women's Fiction, Drama

The tragic story of one woman’s efforts to help a teenage mother. Megan, fourteen and pregnant, needed a mom. Tracy, thirty-nine and already raising a large family, gave her a home. Neither was ready for what happened next.

Tracy Reynolds’ life is not her own. She works the night shift at the hospital and has three boys, two girls and a husband who works the opposite shift along with a menagerie of rescued pets. Somehow, she and her husband, Tim, have made it work with love, faith, and impeccable ethics.

Adding fourteen-year-old Megan and her newborn son to the mix was supposed to be uncomplicated. The adoption agency made it sound so easy. They painted Megan has a good child who had a rough life. She needed love and understanding and the stability of a respectable home and family. Tracy and Tim fit the bill and were fast tracked through the system and before they knew it trouble landed on their doorstep. Megan.

Megan rejected their family values and resisted from every direction when it came to learning how to live within their family dynamics and taking care of her son. She missed her friends and the people she knew when she worked as a prostitute. Despite court orders and her probation officer’s warnings, Megan secretly reconnected with her old friends and lover. 

The Reynolds’ family spun out of control. Not one would be untouched by Hurricane Megan’s path of destruction. 

One link in a strong chain of family dynamics can crumble the entire household.

Deceptions. Infidelity. Drugs. Child abuse. Cancer. Sexual abuse. Home invasion. The Reynolds’ went through it all. Would their family ever be the same?

 Catch of the Season - Novella

Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy

A Science Fiction/Fantasy read that will have you looking over your shoulder the next time you go scuba diving. Seriously. They had been watching every Cap'n Green for a long time. Many years. Many defeats. This year, they were determined to become the hunter instead of the hunted. You'll never look at lobster season again after reading this spine-tingling story. Viewing a Red Lobster commercial will never be quite the same.

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March Madness - Novella

Genre: Suspense

It's the college basketball finals and someone's killing the girls in the Bellair Landing apartment complex and leaving unusual calling cards -- a mascot doll from the losing team. Laurel goes undercover to break the case but she finds more suspects than she can count and not enough clues. With an overprotective captain breathing down her neck and looking for any excuse to pull her from the case, Laurel doesn't have time for a relationship. Just her luck, she ends up with not one, not two, but several suitors. Which one is the killer?

Trust in the Wind
Genre: Romance, light suspense

When pregnant teen, Joanne, chooses single motherhood, she loses everything including her family. Four years later, she's fiercely independent, trust no one, and is barely keeping her head above water. Roy is a Hillsborough County Sheriff, and a widower who lost his wife and child during a burglary gone terribly wrong. Six years later, he still refuses to love for fear of losing it again. Together these two just might get a second chance to learn about trust and love.

Not WIthout Anna
Genre Mystery, Suspense, Romance

Katherine, shocked by her daughter's death, too late, realizes she had been out of touch with her daughter and didn't recognize the stranger Anna had become. Charles, helpless to reach his son, watches him slip away. He's unable to comprehend Mike's nightmares and depression as he deals with his girlfriend's death and his own guilt.

Forever Until We Meet
Genre: Romance

A woman faces a lonely life in a small town after her daughter leaves home and decides to spice up her life by letting loose on a computer discussion board.

Naive and new to computer forums, she's preyed upon by forum degenerates who pick off the weak and injured, disguised as a "Knight in Shining Armor."

Join with our heroine as she navigates her way through uncharted territories and survives, knowing more about herself, desires, strengths and abilities.

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