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Award winning author, Vicki M. Taylor writes dramatic fiction with strong, unforgettable, real women characters involved in real life situations.
Vicki M. Taylor attacks the hard issues and brings them to the forefront with a deftness that outshines most other authors. Her ability to sink her teeth into these headline issues and pull the reader into the story makes her one of the best authors of this new century.
No issue is too controversial for Vicki. Murder, teenage suicide, domestic violence and more, you'll find Vicki M. Taylor's stories not only give you the harsh realities of the character's life but she wraps you up in their private emotional lives as well - daring you to not care, not feel, not read.
She lives in Florida with her husband, their American Eskimo dog, a Coated American Hairless Terrier dog, and Sun Conure parrot.

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This blog originated in 2005. I've written about nearly every topic under the sun and then some. I hope that you take the time to read my beginning posts and those I've created through the years and see how I've grown as a blogger and how my dreams and aspirations run fluid through the years.

My faith is strong and I use it in my writing. Each blog post and series is inspired from the Word of God.

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Very inspirational Vicki. Thank you for sharing your journey. Poppy -from SITS.

Vicki M. Taylor said...

Thanks for the kind words. Sycho Faeerie, I followed you on your connections. Have a blessed day.