Monday, March 14, 2005

Book Promotion

As most of you know, I'm a women's fiction author. I play a major part in the promotion and marketing of my books. For those of you who are working on promoting your books too, I've found a great book that helps you out and makes promotion look easier than it sounds. The book's name is THE FRUGAL BOOK PROMOTER - HOW TO DO WHAT YOUR PUBLISHER WON'T. It's by a wonderful lady named Carolyn Howard-Johnson.

You can find the book at, that's where I got mine. Run out and get yours today.

Friday, March 04, 2005


I've been thinking about mortality a lot this past week. Maybe it's because I'm connected to a portable heart monitor and I'm very aware of my heart beating. The monitor is to collect data from any unusual episodes I might have such as palpitations or pain. Having to be so "aware" of my own heart makes me realize how fragile life is. As I feel my heart beating in my chest I become more aware of how mortal I really am.

In realizing my own mortality, I begin to reflect on my life. What have I accomplished so far? Am I happy with my life? With where I am now. Do I have any regrets? Would I have done anything differently? Could I have done anything differently? Have I led a prosperous life?

I can think of various forms of prosperity and determine how they pertain to my life. What forms of prosperity do I think relate especially to me? Spiritual prosperity? Physical prosperity? Intellectual Prosperity? What other forms call out to me to be counted? Emotional prosperity? Financial prosperity? Creative prosperity? How have I been affected by these various forms and where do I see them as I lead my life along the paths I have chosen?

Spiritual Prosperity - As I've grown older, I've definitely come into my own spiritually. I came from a Christian background and with that basic foundation I've studied other formats to help me understand my place in the Universe. I've studied as a Shaman and in doing so feel so much closer to God and the Universal Life Force. My life has developed a deeper meaning and I live it with an eye to living in the NOW rather than in the past or future. I give myself over to God and walk with him through my days.

Creative Prosperity - I've been blessed to live my life as a writer. I can't paint or draw, but I try. Writing has been my creative outlet for so many years, I've lost count. It's like breathing to me. I just do it.

Physical Prosperity - I live with various diseases and illnesses in my life, but I don't let them take over. My physical well-being is based on my mental health and when I feel healthy I act healthy. The mind-body connection operates continually.

Intellectual Prosperity - I've become attuned to my intellectual self. I rely on it more to aid my creative side. It helps me to write better and read more.

Finanical Prosperity - As I become more involved in my financial goals, I see success and experience success. By guiding my life along my chosen path, I combine my intellectual self with my finanical self and create a solid foundation for my future.

Emotional Prosperity - My emotions are no longer a jumbled mass of confusion and disarray. I've sorted through them, identified them, named them, and given them creadence. I can feel emotions without fear of losing myself. My spiritual self knows and guides me as I experience life.

As I experience life, I realize I am living it the best way I know how and that is a good thing. Would I have chosen a different path to reach where I am today? I don't think so. Especially if it would have changed anything along the way. I am who I am because of my past. The past is over. I concentrate on the now that is today.

What will tomorrow bring? Will the doctors find something in these test results and what will it be? Whatever they find, it will be helpful. Worrying about it won't make it change. I'll deal with it when the time comes. I concentrate on the now that is today.

Don't let life pass you by. Don't be so caught up in what is happening tomorrow or what happened yesterday that you don't see what is happening today. Life your life for today. Today is what is important. Today is what matters. Now, is today.