Sunday, March 30, 2008

Meet the Diva of the Baby Boomer Divas - Beverly Mahone!

I had the most wonderful opportunity to be invited by an extraordinary woman to join a unique group of women called Baby Boomer Divas. Divas. Divinely. Inspired. Vivacious. Anointed. Women with power. Women with class. Women with sass. And a lot of flash. Hot flashes!!

Beverly Mahone is the brainstorm behind this wave of excitement and I'd like to introduce her to you as I ask her a few questions about the weekend retreat she has planned for us baby boomer divas. (If you'd like to see what's planned visit here) If you'd like to learn more about Beverly visit her website

Vicki: Beverly what was your inspiration for the Baby Boomer Girlfriends' Spring Break Weekend Getaway?

Beverly: Initially, the idea was to have a Pajama Party for boomer women over 40. In my mind, I visualized us all gathered together in a hotel somewhere laughing, dancing and sharing hot flash stories! But as the idea began to evolve and more people wanted to help out with the event, it expanded becoming a three-day weekend. The concept of calling it a "Spring Break Weekend Getaway" comes from the fact that many of us used to go on Spring Break when we were in college and the memory of this time was fun. Although we've grown up and matured, we can still have fun. In an interview I recently did I told the audience this: "We spend 362 days out of the year taking care of husbands, children, and pets; dealing with obnoxious co-workers, traffic jams and nosey neighbors-----but for three days (April 18-20) we are going to throw caution to the wind in Daytona Beach, FL and do something just for us." Of course, it's a different kind of fun but it gives us an opportunity to socialize and network with fellow boomer women around the country.

Vicki: What is your main goal for the Event?

Beverly: I don't have just one main goal. I want this event to inspire women in many different ways. In addition to being a fun weekend, it is also designed to educate and empower us as women. There will be seminars to address our concerns and needs as we grow older. This is also the opportunity to network and fellowship with women you probably wouldn't be able to connect with otherwise. There are women coming from Ohio, Tennessee, Maryland, North Carolina, New Mexico and even as far away as California. For me, personally, I'm excited because this is the first time I will get to meet fellow members of the Boomer Diva Nation Group. I met one woman (Linda Alexander) last year but I've only associated with the others through online networking so this will be an absolute thrill for me! When it's all over, I want women to walk away with renewed strength and encouragement. Our group's motto is: Women on the Move and Making a Difference. I hope they will take that statement to heart and go back to their home communities and be the change they want to see in their worlds.

Vicki: What is the most unexpected thing to occur since putting this event together?

Beverly: The most unexpected thing to happen was getting a telephone call from someone representing People Magazine saying they might be interested in covering the event! I was in the grocery store the evening I got the call. You would've thought I had just been told I won the lottery. I was rather loud with my excitement and enthusiasm! To think that People Magazine had heard about this event and wanted to cover it was simply amazing. I was so curious as to how they found me and the young lady said they "googled" Spring Break and up popped my event. I was instructed to ask the fellow members of Boomer Diva Nation to share their thoughts about attending the event so I immediately everyone and as I understand, they were flooded with emails from our group. We haven't heard yet whether or not they will actually be coming but just the fact that they contacted me was a true blessing and a moment that took my breath away!

Vicki: What is next for Boomer Diva Nation?

First of all, I'm already planning for the next Spring Break! :) As far as Boomer Diva Nation goes, we are continuing to grow. We're actually global with Diva sisters in Australia. There is so much talent in this group and I want to make sure the whole world knows about the wonderful resources these women have to offer. One of our missions is to offer an annual scholarship of some kind. We're still working out the details for that.

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Phantom Pleasures by Julie Leto - Give Away

My friend, and great author, Julie Leto is doing some great giveaways at her blog,, starting today!

She's not only giving away a chapter a day of her upcoming paranormal romance, PHANTOM PLEASURES, but she's also sweetening the pot by offering a $20 Amazon/Borders gift card per day to anyone who leaves a comment.

Julie's Website

Friday, March 14, 2008

Rescuing the Unrescuable

I met a true escape artist today.

A little brown and white terrier. He followed me home from my walk in the neighborhood. So friendly and happy. He took to me right away. He had no tag. I thought I would do a good deed and put him in my back yard and try to locate his owner.

In the back yard he went.

I continued my walk and about ten minutes later, I hear him running behind me. He’d gotten out, somehow.

We walked back to my house, I put him back in the yard, I continued with my walk, and not less then five minutes, he was back by my side.

We walked back to the house, I put him in the yard, and this time I watched. He poked his head through a loose board and out he came. Aha! I put him back in the yard and put a cement block in front of the board. Problem, solved.

Or so I thought.

I finished my walk, and when I returned home, he was gone. Vanished. I called for him. "Hear puppy dog!" I clapped my hands loudly. I’d almost given up, when I saw a streak of white and brown in the neighbor’s yard and there he was, at my side, jumping up and down, so excited to see me.

I put him back in the yard. Watched to see how he got out. Then put another cement block in front of the hole he’d discovered. Crafty little character.

While I had him in the back yard. I took pictures of him thinking I’d make a couple of posters and put them up at the end of the street to let neighbors know that I’d found him. He knew a few commands and was very photogenic. I gave him water and food and he made himself at home making his mark around the yard.

I left to go to Curves. All the while thinking how I would design the poster. I came home and hurried to the back yard to greet my temporary guest.


I don’t know how he got out this time.

I called and called for him.

This time no response.

I worry about where he is. I look at the pictures I printed and smile. He was only in my life for a very short time but he left a lasting impression.

You know, people are like that too. Some people, no matter what you try to do for them, just can’t be helped. You have to learn to let go. For your on sanity. I’m not saying give up on everyone.

There’s a fine line between those that need our help and those that can’t be helped. What’s the difference?

They have to want our help.

You’ll be able to tell the difference.. deep in your gut. Listen to it.
As for that little dog, I want to think he knew his way back home and that’s where he is now. I’ll continue to watch the neighborhood for him. If I see him, I’ll try again to find a way to help locate his owner. I don’t think he really wants to roam the streets.

That’s no life for a dog.