Friday, April 19, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Beloved

It's time for the "Five Minute Friday" blogging post. The inspiration comes from Lisa Jo Baker

What you do is set your timer for five minutes and write whatever you want according to the prompt Lisa places on her blog every Friday. Then you go back, link your blog and give support to those who posted before you. And, we connect on Twitter with #FiveMinuteFriday.



He's been in my life for nearly eighteen years. We've been married for over fifteen. He's my love. My beloved. My truly other half. My husband. He loves me so much it scares me sometimes the depth of his love. There are days when I feel I don't deserve his love. There are days when I can only subsist on his love. He's been with me and supported me through so many rough times. Through the various hospitalizations for Bipolar Disorder. Through all the treatments that worked and didn't work. Through my mania episodes and depression episodes. He's been my constant. My rock. My love. I'm not sure if I can ever describe to him or explain to him how much he means to me. Not to the depth of my emotions. There's just too much there that can't be explained. I adore him. I need him. I can't exist without him. Life surely wouldn't be worth living without him. 



Susan Cook said...

sounds like true love. happy you have support and love.

Happy Friday :)

Cynthia said...

So beautiful and full of raw and tender emotion! Many blessings! From Five Minute Friday!