Friday, December 28, 2012

My Reading List for 2012

Oh, Gosh! I have to try and remember who and what I read during 2012. The number one author that comes to mind is Janet Evonovich. I started her One for the Money series with Stephanie Plum as a bail bond enforcement agent. I read them all this year. All nineteen of them!

Can you believe it?

I did about 99% of my reading using my iPad. I have approximately 300 books on my iPad mini at the moment and I add more every day.

I LOVE love my iPad for reading. I can carry more books with me wherever I go, and if I don't like one book I'm reading I can switch to another.

My bookshelves here at home are bursting at the seams. I have books double shelved. Stacked around the foot of the bookcases. Books are stacked on tables, chairs, or any open place I can find to put a book. It's not that way on my iPad. The books are all arranged neatly and they have my bookmarks in place and I get a little update on how far % wise I've read.

Very handy.

But, back to the other authors I've read this year.

Julie Leto. I am so into her Phantom series. I'm eager for the next book to be released.

I read all the Nora Roberts' books on the Donovan series again: Enchanted, Charmed, Entranced, and Captivated. Hands down, that is my all time favorite series to read.

I started reading Deborah Harkness' Shadow of Night, but something distracted me. I'll definitely have to get back to that book. If you haven't read her first book, Discovery of Witches, you must. It's PERFECT!

I read Kimberly Llewellyn's Siren Call. Very good book. Kimberly also has a wedding series that I haven't delved into yet.

I'm into Roxanne St. Claire. So into her books. I devour them. Her Bullet Catcher series was the best.

Another author I am eager to read as soon as she releases as book is Marliss Melton. Her Seal Team series is excellent!

In between, I read here and there. Books that filled my need for reading, and books that completed me emotionally.

I love to read. And, since I got my iPad, I can read anywhere any time.

So, what was your favorite read of 2012?

I would be remiss if I didn't tell you about the two books I released this year.

Good Intentions:

The tragic story of one woman’s efforts to help a teenage mother. Megan, fourteen and pregnant, needed a mom. Tracy, thirty-nine and already raising a large family, gave her a home. Neither was ready for what happened next.

Tracy Reynolds’ life is not her own. She works the night shift at the hospital and has three boys, two girls and a husband who works the opposite shift along with a menagerie of rescued pets. Somehow, she and her husband, Tim, have made it work with love, faith, and impeccable ethics.

Adding fourteen-year-old Megan and her newborn son to the mix was supposed to be uncomplicated. The adoption agency made it sound so easy. They painted Megan has a good child who had a rough life. She needed love and understanding and the stability of a respectable home and family. Tracy and Tim fit the bill and were fast tracked through the system and before they knew it trouble landed on their doorstep. Megan.

Megan rejected their family values and resisted from every direction when it came to learning how to live within their family dynamics and taking care of her son. She missed her friends and the people she knew when she worked as a prostitute. Despite court orders and her probation officer’s warnings, Megan secretly reconnected with her old friends and lover. 

The Reynolds’ family spun out of control. Not one would be untouched by Hurricane Megan’s path of destruction.

One link in a strong chain of family dynamics can crumble the entire household.

Deceptions. Infidelity. Drugs. Child abuse. Cancer. Sexual abuse. Home invasion. The Reynolds’ went through it all. Would their family ever be the same?


Out for Justice:
Rookie Detective Karen Sykes is out to prove she is good at her job, finding justice for a darkness in her past through law enforcement. She gets her first chance to shine with a case that hits a little too close to home. Like her younger sister, a four-year-old boy, has been brutally murdered. The case pairs her with Mike Connelly, an attractive crime scene technician, and sparks fly between the two of them. Mike resists the attraction and only adds more emotional conflict to the case.

When her partner becomes the latest victim and ends up in the hospital near death, Karen sets out to find the murderer before he hurts anyone else. Only the case gets trickier when the murder suspect ends up dead, leaving new clues to the real killer. Finding comfort in Mike's support, their relationship heats up, but so does the investigation. The killer has a plan. One that involves a Cat and Mouse game of hide and seek inside the hospital, where her partner struggles for his life. Karen discovers it takes more than catching a killer to make the pain of her past go away. It also takes opening her heart and learning to trust in others.


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