Friday, December 07, 2012

Christmas Shopping Done Yet?

So, are you a procrastinator? Have you been sitting on your Christmas List waiting until the last minute, I mean, the very last minute to shop?

Or are you a die-hard Christmas Eve shopper, loving the spirit of seeking out the perfect gift among the leftover supplies at stores, hoping to spy that once in a lifetime memory for someone?

Or, did you manage the surge on Black Friday and put the hammer down and plow through your list in a couple of dark hours?

Maybe you sat at your computer with a cup of coffee or tea and clicked your way through your shopping list on CyberMonday?

Oh, wait, I know, you’re the one who had people scratched off on their Christmas List by August, right?

Well, no matter if you’re waiting for Christmas Eve or you did all your shopping in the Christmas in July specials, I’m talking to you.

Isn’t shopping for others fun? I know I love it. Finding the exact gift for each person. It’s like a little treasure hunt game. I’m not sure exactly what I’m looking for, but I’ll know it when I see it.

That’s the joy of this holiday season. The joy of giving. There are some of us who can stop at one or two gifts, and then there are grandmas like me out there, who can’t pass up the toy department without looking for just “one more thing” to add to the already bursting box I’ve accumulated.

What the heck, they’re only going to be children once, right? I love the thought of watching my grandchildren’s eyes light up with each gift they unwrap.

So, whether you’ve wrapped all your presents ahead of time and are hunting them down from attic and closet, trying to remember what was for who, or you are going to be frantically wrapping through the wee hours of Christmas morning, I salute you.

You are my heroes. You’ve taken from yourself and given to others. It’s what the season is all about, right? Giving joy to others?

Here’s a bit of joy from me to you.

Merry Christmas!


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