Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Worship Begins with God

"Build there an altar to the Lord your God, an altar of stones. Do not use any iron tool upon them. Build the altar of the Lord your God with fieldstones and offer burnt offerings on it to the Lord your God." - Deuteronomy 27:5-7

Altars have a very prominent place in God's word and our history as a people. Altars were the place to meet God and be changed.

The above passage from Deuteronomy shows us how God commanded the people to build the altar of undressed stone. The people used the rocks from the fields and around the mountains. It was with this simple beauty that became the frame for the majesty of God. In the unworked quality of the stones, the people were reminded that God is the one shaping them into His image.

Can you define worship?

Worship is a hard word to define. We want to define it by what we do. But, that's not the true meaning of worship.

Worship begins with God.

Worship begins with an awareness of God's presence. Open your eyes and hearts to the truth that we are entering the presence of God.

In worship, we meet God. It is the place where we come heart-to-heart with our Savior.

How do you worship?

Do you expect to be changed when you worship God?

I do.

I listen for God's voice, His guidance, and how He fills my heart with love.

Every time we worship, we should expect to walk out difference from how we arrived. Every time.

Are you willing to be changed?

I am.

Surrender is the deep call of worship. Meeting God and understanding that it is His desire to transform who we are in these moments of praise requires that we be prepared to let Him change us.

The more we look like Jesus, the richer our worship experience can become.

Why is it necessary to make a commitment to surrender as you come to worship?

I know. For me, it is to be transformed by God to look more like Jesus. And to always put His will above my own.

Worship opens our eyes to who God is. Worship opens our eyes to who we are. Each worship experience offers us the opportunity to be open to God and be willing to change.

Worship allows us to experience God's grace. The grace that He offers us has the power to transform everything about today.

Have you ever been changed by a worship experience?

Worship empowers us to surrender. Surrender is the key that opens the door to transformation. Can you surrender to God?

Worship is meant to be transformative. The opportunity to be changed is available each time we come into God's presence.

Why do you worship?

I worship to glorify God, praise Him, receive guidance, ask for His love and grace by making me a better person.

God commands us to worship.

Worship Him today and be transformed. You won't regret it.

Reference: Living Stones by Casandra Martin

Image credit: drizzd / 123RF Stock Photo


The Dose of Reality said...

Vicki, this was such a beautiful post. I do expect to be changed by worship...and I am. I love how you put it "we should expect to walk out difference from how we arrived. Every time." Yes! Thank goodness! --Lisa

Vicki M. Taylor said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for commenting. Have a blessed day!