Thursday, November 07, 2013

God Has a Blessing For You

Do you have a dream? Have you prayed to God for special gifts or a particular blessing?

We all have dreams and we all have desires. There is that one thing we really want and we pray to God to give it to us. 

It could be a child. A new job. A promotion. A man in our life. That pretty pair of shoes you saw at Macy's. Whatever it is. It's something special to you.

Do you remember the story of Sarah, Abraham's wife? When she reached her 90th birthday, she was still childless. I'm sure she prayed all the time for God to bless her with a child. Don't you think? Every day. Every night. Every week. Every month. All of those years, praying. Even so, do you think she got tired of praying for something she didn't think would ever happen?

When Abraham was 75 and Sarah was 65, God promised him a son. Even so, nothing happened. For years, nothing happened. No child ever came. So, Sarah tried to take matters into her own hands and make God's promise happen by having Abraham have a child with her maidservant, Hagar. They were trying to fulfill God's promise by human means, rather than spiritual means.

However, God rejected Hagar's son, and continued to promise Abraham that he'd have a son of his own through Sarah. 

Wasn't Sarah surprised when she found out she was with child! What a blessing from God. She praised God, worshipped him, and Abraham made great offerings to God. 

Think about this. Instead of asking God for the blessing you desire, give God the opportunity to bless you the way He wants to.

Your blessing may not be for a longed-for child, but if like Sarah, you look to the Lord, His blessing will come. And it will bless you in the unique way only the God of grace can imagine.

Be patient. Pray for your blessing from God. 

Let Him do the rest.

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The Dose of Reality said...

Perfectly said Vicki. We never know when the things we desire will happen, so we have to remain patient...and hopeful. :)-Ashley

Catherine Gacad said...

i am so glad to have discovered your blog through the SITS share. i am following you now on bloglovin.

this year, i've lost two babies through miscarriage and i'm currently pregnant again. your posts give me so much peace. thank you.

Vicki M. Taylor said...

Catherine, thank you so much for your kind words. I'm grateful for readers like you. Have a blessed day.

Ashley, we must always put our dreams and desires in God's hands and let Him decide what is best for us. Have a blessed day.