Saturday, April 27, 2013

Healthy Eating While Traveling

Planning Your Travel Itinerary: Don't Forget Healthy Eating!
By Cole Millen
There are times when I will open my blog up to guest bloggers. Today's guest is Cole Millen. He's offering some great advice on traveling and healthy eating. Just in time for our summer vacations!

Going on vacation shouldn't mean taking a holiday from the healthy habits you follow year round. You've managed to fit in those shorts and that new bathing suit. Don't blow it by pigging out during your trip. Make sensible choices, enjoy yourself, and maintain good eating practices along the way. You'll thank yourself when you get back home and your clothes still fit!
On the Road or In the Air
No matter how you travel, remember the boy scouts' motto and be prepared. Eat a decent meal before departure so you're not starving. If you end up hungry, you're more likely to start snacking. Pack healthy snacks that are low in calorie and good for you. You'll save money, rather than stopping on the road or buying from a vending machine. If you're headed to the airport or some sort of depot, park a good distance away and get some extra walking in. While waiting to depart, stay on the move. If you do have to eat during a layover, make good choices, such as salad, yogurt, poultry, and fish.

Location, Location, Location
It begins with choosing wisely when you scope out your lodging. Find a hotel or resort that promotes health and fitness. Many locations have beautiful grounds where you can enjoy a stroll throughout the day. If you're in a tourist area, plan on expanding your travels on foot through nearby streets or by the shore. When it comes to the hotel itself, choose a place that has a pool and exercise room. Take advantage of fitness classes or go online and bring a fitness trainer into your room via the Internet! When it comes to meal choices, inquire before you make a reservation. Find out about healthy options that are offered by the hotel. Often times all of these things can be difficult to determine prior to arrival. I have found that consumer reviews are the best way to determine the actual amenities and offerings each hotel provides for your healthy lifestyle. In my most recent trip I found a great site that had a list of hotels in Las Vegas along with a number of reviews regarding amenities, restaurants, things to do, and much more. They provided unbiased and honest information that ultimately led to me finding a great hotel with a fitness center as well as a gluten free restaurant within. A little research goes a long way so look for reviews such as these to help.
Upon Arrival
Once you get to your hotel, don't graze at the mini bar. Drop your bags and head out to explore. If you plan on eating out, see if there is a place within walking distance. You'll walk off some calories on the way home! Inquire about the local supermarket and stock your refrigerator with fruit, veggies, yogurt, and low fat or nonfat milk. Plan on drinking plenty of water and skip the alcoholic beverages that are high in calorie. If you decide to have a drink, stick with a rule of one. If you have a continental breakfast at the hotel, choose the whole grain bread and cereals. Oatmeal, yogurt, and fruit are excellent alternatives for breakfast. Stay away from fats and starchy foods.
Dining Out
Ask about restaurants at the front desk. Chances are, you'll be able to see the menus ahead of time. Choose restaurants that have healthy options. Your best bet is to go with salads, lean proteins, and low-fat dairy. You can always look for a light menu. If you order only to find out you have too much food, ask for a take-out container and save it for later.
While these tips may seem very simple they are often overlooked. I guarantee if you can follow these steps you will find yourself coming home in just as good of shape as you left!


Tamara Camera said...

This really is so important, and also so easy to skip. I appreciate this a lot! I'm a bit of a nervous traveler and it can wreak havoc on my digestive system and drinking lots of water/eating better choices makes a HUGE difference. Thanks for this!

Michelle said...

Great tips!! We usually try to rent a place with a kitchen so that we can do some of our own cooking and that helps too!

The Dose of Reality said...

Such fantastic tips. Planning and being prepared is what it's all about. When I do that, it all falls in place. I only get in trouble when I leave it to chance.

Susan Cook said...

Good tips. healthy eating habits do seem to go out the window on a vacation. But I should try to follow some of these idea. :)