Friday, February 22, 2013

Five Minute Friday - What Mama Did

It's time for the "Five Minute Friday" blogging post. The inspiration comes from Lisa Jo Baker

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My mom in bottom center, with me and my sisters and brother
My mom was and is my inspiration. She never told me "no" I couldn't do something. No matter what path I wanted to take, who I wanted to follow, or what I wanted to do, she was always there for me, supporting me. I made some very bad decisions in my life. I chose to follow certain people, I made mistakes with raising my children, and I lost sight of God so many times I can't count.

But, my mom was always there for me. She counseled me and in the end let me make some of my mistakes so I could learn from them. She led me back to God and then turned me over to His guidance.

I think I have it all together now, but I'd be a liar if I said so out loud. I'm an author, a wife, mother, grandmother, friend, neighbor, daughter of Christ, and so much more. Through it all, my mom has always been my number one fan. She adores the books I write, she brags to all her friends. She thinks I walk on the moon.

I want to be the person my mom loves and respects. I want to be worthy of her love and adoration. I want to be truly the person she brags about with all her heart and soul. She's worth it. Because, if you ask me, she is my inspiration.


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Britton said...

Very beautiful! Your mom sounds a lot like mine! I don't know what I'd do without her!

Debi said...

What a wonderful tribute to your mom. It sounds as if she was a real rock in your life. I love that. Thank you for sharing today.

Rebekah said...

Yay to supportive Mother's! My mom is the same, and while I remember my childhood as being nearly perfect, it got difficult in the teen and adult years. But, same as you, I don't remember Mom telling me no, and when bad times came she was always there to help. It's wonderful you have had a faithful Mother of inspiration to you. Cheers on being a recognized writer too! That is something I aspire to be someday.

Robin said...

What a lovely tribute. It sounds like she truly understands what it means to love someone unconditionally. Thank you for sharing her with us today.

Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Vicki M. Taylor said...

Thank you all for your comments. I truly appreciate them. I think just as a given, we should all do a tribute to our moms. Have a blessed day!

Ugochi said...

Wow! What a gift mothers are!
You wrote so well Vicki.
I wrote about the power of a mother's faith this week, you can go see it if you like.
Have a super blessed day!

Positively Alene said...

Such beautiful words and life! Stopping by from SITS.

Unknown said...

Hi Vicky
What a beautiful ode of admiration to your mom! She was a very wise woman to allow you to make your own mistakes!
Over via FMF.
Much love

Pam said...

Such a nice tribute to your mom. I enjoyed reading about her. I miss my mom so much--she was my biggest admirer too. Thanks for stopping by my love and leaving such a lovely comment.

Nina said...

All the important things said so beautifully and authentically ~ such a blessing to have a mom that loves one with unconditional love! said...

Newest follower here! I found you through the blog hop. You have a super cute blog, I look forward to reading more.

You can find me at

-Melanie @