Friday, November 09, 2012

Home Improvement, the Saga Continues

Don't worry honey, it won't cost much. I'm going to build it myself.

Those magic words.

And, 5 years later, I'm still regretting them.

But, I must say, having my husband do the work, rather than a bunch of strangers traipsing in and out of my house is much better. Even though, it's taking FOREVER for the makeover of our house to end.

We bought it in "as is" condition way back in 1998. It didn't have the front doors on, no floors in the major portion of the house, and the bathrooms were a flashback from the 1970's. Which was really strange as the house wasn't very old.

So, eager beavers we were, we purchased the house and the home improvement projects began. Of course we had to have floors and working bathrooms before we could move in, so it took about 3 months before we were able to walk through actual front doors and finally call our house our home.

From then on, we didn't use paid professionals to to the rest of the improvements, but did them ourselves as we had time and money. Of which both were never ready at the same time.

But, I must say, I'm very happy with the results as they incurred. I love our great room, 400 gallon saltwater aquarium included. All cabinetry and wet room designed by my husband.

The guest room is gorgeous. The home office is perfect. And the master bedroom and matching bathroom is truly a serene and lovely place to relax.

Now. The kitchen. We've saved it for last, as it's the most inconvenient to do and probably the most costly.

So, the saga continues, with only one room left. And, do I hear those famous words yet? "Don't worry, I'll do it myself."

I haven't heard them yet, but it's not because he's wanted to say them. He just doesn't have a plan yet.


I'll keep you updated.

Yours in Writing,



LindyLouMac said...

We have completed our house renovation here in Italy and our now thinking about plans for the next one. :)

Vicki M. Taylor said...

I'll be so glad when we've finished the renovations on this house. But, I'm glad we are taking our time and doing each thing the way we want.