Thursday, November 29, 2012

Favorite & Funniest TV Sit-Coms

Everyone has their favorite. Your idea of the best sit-com is probably different than mine. And, it changes from season to season.

Right now, my favorite is The Big Bang Theory. I am so enthralled by that show and its unique characters and weekly plots.

However, if you asked me what my favorite sit-com was when I was growing up, I'd probably say Leave it to Beaver or I Dream of Jeannie or better yet, I Love Lucy!

Our little friend, Pooh is even creating his own list of favorites! I wonder what he finds funny?

So, have you thought anything about sit-coms and which ones were you favorites? Was it the funniest you ever saw?

The folks at AARP did just that and they came up with their top list of the 20 Funniest Sit-Coms ever.

AARP's 20 Best Funniest Sit-Coms

I did some poking around on the Internet, and will you know it, other people have created lists too, so I thought I'd share them with you.

Now That's Nifty
100 Best Sit-coms

20 Best Sitcoms of all times

Paste Magazine
10 Best Sitcoms on TV Now 2010 List

The Top Tens
Top 10 Best Sitcoms of all Time

So, there you have it. Lists upon lists. Did any of your favorites make any list? If not, tell me, what was or is your favorite and funniest sit-com ever?


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