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Spirituality Makes Your Life Meaningful - Guest Post

We as species definitely hunger for meaning. Ever since the dawn of history, humans have been spiritually inclined. Even our Neanderthal cousins performed burial rituals. Spiritually in its various forms has been able to give tremendous significance to human life, and, in many cases, it has molded us into better people. To get a better picture, let us take a look at some examples below.

Spirituality nudges us to help our fellow men
Mother Teresa found inspiration in spirituality to dedicate her life to serving the poor. Spiritually forces us to look beyond ourselves to consider the needs and predicament of others. In many cases, it can leads to altruism and selflessness. Life on this planet wouldn't be interesting if we were just left alone without anyone else, and it would be living hell if we only considered ourselves at the expense of others. Spirituality has influenced people to perform great acts of kindness, oppose evil, and improve life on Earth. For example, hospitals were invented by deeply spiritual humans who thought they had a "calling" to do something about human sickness. Slavery in the Americas was also abolished by deeply spiritual humans.

The fear of death is diminished
The average human life lasts about 72 years. People in their relatively short lifespan make a great number of friends and get close with their family only to witness their inevitable death. Many spiritual people believe that this life is not the end of the story; instead, there's something beyond it. According to them, we are going to meet our deceased grandparents again: They aren't lost forever but actually continue to live on in a different way. This gives them the hope that they will be someday reunited with their loved ones and that natural death shouldn't be something to fear.

Better overall health is sometimes possible
For example, many people have defeated harmful addictions and psychological conditions by turning to spirituality. A large number of groups focused around spirituality have been formed to offer support to those who struggle with the previously mentioned conditions.

When the going gets tough, spirituality gives us comfort
Life is sometimes tough. We lose a job, get hurt by others, have our property destroyed by natural disasters, etc. Suffering is part of the human experience. Spirituality gives us comfort in these situations. With a spiritual mindset, many find meaning in their suffering. They see it as an opportunity for growth, perhaps a preparation for something that awaits us in the hereafter or later earthly stages.

It provides us with a mentor
Many spiritual people find inspiration in others who came before them. Christians seek to imitate Jesus. Muslims want to be more like Muhammad in their approach to life. Among Buddhists, Buddha is seen as a perfect model for humans to emulate. Spiritual people can sharply disagree on what constitutes an ideal spiritual lifestyle, but almost all agree that we shouldn't be harmful to each other for no reason, and they tend to keep that ethic.

Spirituality connects people
It gives us a community with which we can share our experience and learn. In communities we grow as humans, challenge ourselves, as well as learn forgiveness and humbleness.

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