Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to the Greatest Mom

Dearest Mom, I love you so much. You made me the best person I know I could be.

You had a rough life, I know, I saw. But, you stood up for yourself when it was right to do so and you showed me how I could too.

You raised five children. Mostly on your own. What a great accomplishment. Four girls and a boy. God couldn't have blessed you more. Well, He could have stopped at me, (the oldest) but then, things happen and life goes on. And the rest of the rug rats came along. HEEHEE

We all have our own brood now and have blessed you with grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I've lost count how many great-grandchildren you have. I know I've contributed four to the count.

Here we are, all together in 2009. When I came to surprise Gordie. We had such a great time.

You are my heart and my love and my forever, mom.

With all our love,


We'll be with you forever. You're never gonna get rid of us! We love you, mom.

Copyright: piccolamarina / 123RF Stock Photo

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