Wednesday, March 06, 2013

March Madness - Murder and College Basketball

It's March Madness time and I thought I'd share with you the novella I wrote just for that occasion. That's how I got the idea to write the story, by watching a March Madness game.

It's the college basketball finals and someone's killing the girls in the Bellair Landing apartment complex, and leaving unusual calling cards -- a mascot doll from the losing team.

Homicide detective, Laurel, goes undercover to break the case but she finds more suspects than she can count and not enough clues. With an overprotective captain breathing down her neck and looking for any excuse to pull her from the case, Laurel doesn't have time for a relationship. Just her luck, she ends up with not one, not two, but several suitors. Which one is the killer?

March Madness is available from

I hope you enjoy this fun and suspenseful novella,


Unknown said...

I am definitely intrigued! I want to find out who the March Madness killer is. Sounds like a fun story :-)

Vicki M. Taylor said...

Hi Bev, please let me know if you read March Madness and if you would, post a review on Amazon and Goodreads, if you are a GR member? I'd really appreciate it.