Friday, March 01, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Ordinary

It's time for the "Five Minute Friday" blogging post. The inspiration comes from Lisa Jo Baker

What you do is set your timer for five minutes and write whatever you want according to the prompt Lisa places on her blog every Friday. Then you go back, link your blog and give support to those who posted before you. And, we connect on Twitter with #FiveMinuteFriday.



Holy Bible image
God's word lives within me
I used to think I was ordinary. Just a student. Just a mom. Just a writer. Just a grandma. Just a Christian. But, after going to Bible Class and learning about Living Stone faith, I no longer consider myself "ordinary". I am Extraordinary! I am loved by God. Jesus sacrificed His life for me. How amazing is that?

I'll never think of myself as "ordinary" again. Not when I walk with Jesus every day. Sharing my triumphs, my defeats, my troubles and my blessings. God is good. God is great. God made me extra"ordinary" in every way.

Sharing this with you is important to me. I didn't feel extraordinary so long ago. I fell into a deep depression, one so dark, I attempted suicide. God was there. He pulled me out. He saved me. And, now, I believe in Him with all my heart. He showed me the right path to follow. He actually put me in a position to see the sign for my neighborhood bible class. It was then and there I made the decision to walk in and join. God did that.

I am forever extra"ordinary" in every way. In God's way. I follow His path, His plan. He is writing a new story with me for me. My words are His words.


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MyAwesomeOliveShoots said...

Wow, you are a very incredible person! I can relate to almost every single word except the grandma part which will only day come, Lord willing. So thankful to Jesus' redemptive power and what He is doing in your life! You rock!

Sophia Season said...

I am so glad you invited me over. You post is very inspirational in so many ways. My daughter did not attempt suicide, but she was almost there. She was harming herself because she didn't feel like she was good enough. I am so glad God saved her and I am glad that he saved you. She still has a ways to go, but one day at a time.

I hope we keep in touch. Iron sharpens iron.

Sophia said...

I really love this idea. Some of the best writing is when you write uninhibited. Visiting from SITS.

Robin said...

Amen. Beautifully said. Thank you for your testimony. May you continue to be blessed.

Happy Sharefest.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Vicki, I am SO glad you stopped by my blog and left a comment and that I came to yours to return the "favor"! I, too, was depressed at one point, suicidal. I spent 14 years of my life in that place. Yes, you ARE extraordinary. Your are His Beloved Princess and I am so glad you know that! Colossians 3:12 So, as those who have been chosen of God, holy and beloved, put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience;

Vicki M. Taylor said...

Thank you, EVERYONE, for all your comments. I truly appreciate each one. I love Five Minute Friday because it is completely stream of conscious writing. No editing, no second guessing. Just write. Have a blessed day!

Unknown said...

Thanks for linking up with Inspired Tuesday this week! We hope you come back and join us again next week. Also, stop by Friday for #FTSF and on Sunday for #SSShop!

Ugochi said...

Hallelujah!!! We are children of The Extraordinary God, and we are so priceless that He was ready to die for us...
Yay! Extraordinary, that is what we are in Christ!

Vicki M. Taylor said...

I love to have visitors, new ones and old friends, thank you all for stopping by and leaving encouraging words. I truly appreciate them. Have a blessed day!

Desirae R said...

Great post! Thanks for linking up with Inspired Tuesday.