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Interview with Lady Cerelli, author of "My Journey to Peace"

In her book, "My Journey to Peace with PTSD," Lady Cerelli shares how keeping trauma to yourself leads to behavior disorders. She learned how to be at peace with who she was and change those behaviors in order to grow into the individual she wished to become. A spiritual counselor for over forty years, Lady Cerelli never dreamed she would step on the same path her clients walked.

Her book explains why you can be a victim of: abuse, suicide attempts, alcohol or drug addiction. Lady also deals with workaholics, frequent insomnia, nightmares, and depression. She explains why you are always angry, finding yourself speeding, or engaging in road rage. These are just a few of the symptoms of a PTSD victim; someone who has been severely or repeatedly traumatized.

Recently, I had the opportunity to ask Lady Cerelli a few questions. I'd like to share them with you.

1.Lady Cerelli, why did you write this book?

It was a story that had to be told. It was my healing journey to help me understand why I had made my choices in my life and how I came to be victimized from a military rape. I also wanted to show people how affective my technique is. I, the counselor, had to walk the same path on which I place my clients. The reader follows in my footsteps through pain, self-discovery, and healing. They see how and when the disorders started after my incest experience and how it set me up to be a rape victim 12 years later.

2. Who does this book benefit?

The book benefits anyone who has been traumatized by sexual assault or incest. It also helps PTSD victims and their families. I know more books have been shared than purchased and every victim who has read the book has given it to their therapists. This book has helped everyone who has picked it up. What surprises everyone is that no matter the kind of abuse of how often, the behavior disorders in the adult are similar. A lot of readers have told me how the abuse may not have been the same, but the disorders were in their adult life.

3. What did you learn about yourself from writing this book?

I learned who I am and what I needed to do to change into the person I am today. It was truly devastating to discover that 40 years of my life had been built on a lie. I had suppressed the military rape for over 40 years and was not aware of why I had behaved the way I did until I was nearly 60 years old. The hardest part of this journey was sifting through the various aspects and parts of my life and my inner core to discern what I wanted to keep, what I wanted to change, and what I needed to let go. The biggest surprise was after carrying around the incest memory for over 50 years; I had to refer to the book for a piece of information that had faded. I knew this to be a major sign of healing. When you have dealt with what caused the inner anger, the trauma no longer retraumatizes. The trauma actually becomes just a memory that eventually fades away or can be put into a place in the brain where we can see it but it doesn't affect us. The biggest pleasure is after the anger I had carried around with me for over over 50 years, I discovered the love of self. Not only have I forgiven my abusers and all those who have have harmed me, I have learned to love them, including my rapist. I despise what they did to me and would not allow it today, but I now know they were hurting also. The impact of this revelation is even more phenomenal when I know that because I was pregnant at the time of the rape, it had caused me to psychologically abort 6 babies over 10-year period.

4. What are you working on for the future?

I have turned to another chapter in my life by letting go of the book and placing it into God's hands. The past few weeks have been spent reflecting on the new path that has opened up, or reopened. Essentially, I have gone back home, to coin a phrase. I have learned that sexual assault is a stigma to which no one wants to attach themselves by admitting they are a victim. Not everyone has the courage to look at and directly deal with their inner pains as I have. I won't be addressing the pain in others as much as I shall be teaching them to care for themselves; teaching them self-nurturing. I have enrolled into a college of natural medicine and will get recertified as an herbalist; go on to Master Herbalist, Nutritionist, Holistic Health Practitioner, then my Bachelor of Science. I am presently enrolled in beekeeping school and am working with our local Ag Office for grant money to start growing endangered herbs and obtaining beehives. Will eventually create gardens, tours, workshops, etc. This is similar to what I have done in the past. I used to lecture to large crowds as a C.H. Right now, I'm looking at specializing in natural remedies for trauma victims and teaching people to go back to the earth for their healing. I used to do this until my mother died; we moved; flashback; etc. It was all a journey in and of itself to get me to where I am today. The people who have come into my life just in the past 7 days are phenomenal and world-wide. What I will be doing for the rest of my life is based on everything I have learned in my life. In other words, the student now becomes the creator and teacher/healer using every skill learned. Everything has culminated to this point of my life. If nothing happens, know I am content with who I am and where I'm at. I also intend to get back in Fiber Art again but in a different way. I have art works in nearly every state and the Virgin Islands.

Thank you, Lady Cerelli, for your time and your heartfelt answers.

Friends, you can purchase your own copy of My Journey to Peace with PTSD

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