Friday, March 14, 2008

Rescuing the Unrescuable

I met a true escape artist today.

A little brown and white terrier. He followed me home from my walk in the neighborhood. So friendly and happy. He took to me right away. He had no tag. I thought I would do a good deed and put him in my back yard and try to locate his owner.

In the back yard he went.

I continued my walk and about ten minutes later, I hear him running behind me. He’d gotten out, somehow.

We walked back to my house, I put him back in the yard, I continued with my walk, and not less then five minutes, he was back by my side.

We walked back to the house, I put him in the yard, and this time I watched. He poked his head through a loose board and out he came. Aha! I put him back in the yard and put a cement block in front of the board. Problem, solved.

Or so I thought.

I finished my walk, and when I returned home, he was gone. Vanished. I called for him. "Hear puppy dog!" I clapped my hands loudly. I’d almost given up, when I saw a streak of white and brown in the neighbor’s yard and there he was, at my side, jumping up and down, so excited to see me.

I put him back in the yard. Watched to see how he got out. Then put another cement block in front of the hole he’d discovered. Crafty little character.

While I had him in the back yard. I took pictures of him thinking I’d make a couple of posters and put them up at the end of the street to let neighbors know that I’d found him. He knew a few commands and was very photogenic. I gave him water and food and he made himself at home making his mark around the yard.

I left to go to Curves. All the while thinking how I would design the poster. I came home and hurried to the back yard to greet my temporary guest.


I don’t know how he got out this time.

I called and called for him.

This time no response.

I worry about where he is. I look at the pictures I printed and smile. He was only in my life for a very short time but he left a lasting impression.

You know, people are like that too. Some people, no matter what you try to do for them, just can’t be helped. You have to learn to let go. For your on sanity. I’m not saying give up on everyone.

There’s a fine line between those that need our help and those that can’t be helped. What’s the difference?

They have to want our help.

You’ll be able to tell the difference.. deep in your gut. Listen to it.
As for that little dog, I want to think he knew his way back home and that’s where he is now. I’ll continue to watch the neighborhood for him. If I see him, I’ll try again to find a way to help locate his owner. I don’t think he really wants to roam the streets.

That’s no life for a dog.


Anonymous said...

I loved this post. I'm a career and life transition counselor and, when I first started in my profession, I had some very painful lessons in letting go. But, when you think of it, each of us is on our own journey. It is up to us to know the time and the place to ask for help.
You sound like someone with the grace to wait to be asked and the compassion to be there at just the right moment.

Vicki M. Taylor said...

Thanks, Eileen. I've had my share of rescues, good and bad.

I've also been rescued, so there are moments for all of us to know when the right time comes.

I haven't seen that little dog since and I'm wishing him happy, going home thoughts.

Anonymous said...

This was a great post with a really important message. There are people who cannot be helped because they don't want to change. It's necessary to save your energy and your desire to help for those who truly need it.

I too hope that little dog found his way home!

Anonymous said...

Cute story, I bet he did find his way home.

I remember a story a lady once told me. She was living in Houston and several ladies were like "If I only had such and such I would be happy"

She moved then went back and visited a couple years later. Each had gotten what they'd asked for but still weren't happy. They were even saying the same thing. "If I only had such and such I would be happy" the object was something else.

My friend was amazed, They just don't want to be happy.

Robin said...

Your words struck home today "some people no matter what you try to do for them, can't be help". Reminds me of my ex-honey who I just broke up with! Hope the little dog is okay. I'm sure he is since he was so ingenious. Robin

Anonymous said...


My parents were ministers in an inner-city mission. I don't think they ever learned that some people don't want to be rescued, they just kept trying to plant the seeds and never gave up on anybody. They were taken advantage of much of the time and their hearts broke with concern, but it is as you's all in good time.

The little dog was innovative about getting loose, so I feel sure he is doing quite well. How compassionate of you to try so hard to save him.