Friday, June 08, 2007

Tag, I'm It!

Peggy Tibbetts tagged me. So now I’m coming for you.

Here’s the scoop: I write 8 random facts/habits about myself, and then tag 8 people. If I tag you, you have to play or I will pester you for the rest of your life.

1 – I'm addicted to Chocolate. Any kind. Any percent cocoa. The more the better.

2 – I have a swim suit I bought two years ago and still haven't worn it. Why? Because I'm a sissy about getting in the water. I can swim. I just don't want to. But, I'll have to when we go to Hawaii next year.

3 – I joined the U.S. Marine Corps right after high school. Like two weeks after I graduated.

4 – I'm a compulsive obsessive -ist. I can obsess on anything, just give me a topic. If you don't, I'll just make something up and obsess about that.

5 – I was and still am a Friends fanatic. I have all the episodes on DVD. I even watch them.

6 – When I was a kid I dreamed of meeting Donny Osmond. I even painted my bedroom purple in honor of his favorite color.

7 – I'm scared to death of snakes. Heart attack inducing, out of my wits, run like the wind, scared of snakes.

8 – I collect teddy bears. I have hundreds of them. So many that some are packed away because I just don't have the space for them. I plan on donating them to a Teddy Bear Museum (yes, there is such a thing) when I die.

Ok, now it’s my turn. I tag Jamieson, Sandy, Nikki, Linda, Cheryl, Kim, Kathy, and Michael.


Linda L Rucker said...

Arrrggghhh!! I wonder if there are 8 things I can say about myself that won't be bleeped or blacked out?

Cheryl said...

I always stunk at tag. LOL! My post will be up tonight.


Cele said...

Vicki "they" you know "they" say a fear of snakes like that is an unreasonable fear.

Personal I think it is totally reasonable.


Vicki M. Taylor said...

Hey Calista, "they" need to be inside my body for 15 seconds and feel my reaction when I see, hear, think or otherwise contemplate snakes. Even just writing the word "snake" gives me shivers.

When we're at the zoo, it's the one exhibit I will not go into.

Sandy Lender said...

All right, Ms. Vicki...
I'll play along.

But you have to forgive me for taking five years to get around to it. Internet was down over the weekend (and still is), so this is going to take a wee bit o' workin'.

(And my fear is the spiders. Nigel has this propensity for blogging about it at his blog about me at because he thinks it's a "safe" subject.)


Sandy L.
"Some days, I just want the dragon to win."

Peggy said...

Love your list!
I'm obsessive about chocolate and snakes, too!
Thanks for playing. It's fun. You're such a good sport.

Robin said...

I loved Donnie Osmond too...him and Davy Jones...actually went out with an online date just because he looked like Davy...his name was Lee but I kept calling him Davy!