Thursday, November 10, 2016

Happy Birthday, USMC! OOH RAH! Best Inspirational Speech EVER!

 Happy Birthday, Marines!!

Every year, I get a bit nostalgic when this day rolls around. Even though its been 36 years since I stood on those yellow footprints at Parris Island and met the drill instructors who would shape my life.

I'd like to share something inspirational I've heard and seen a few times.

Navy Seal Commencement Speech to 2014 Texas Graduates

This inspirational speech can be applied to civilian life.

Happy Birthday message from commandant of United States Marine Corps

Marine Corps Birthday Celebration History

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Marine Corps History: The Medal of Honor

Why the Marine Corps Birthday Matters

Make your Country Proud and Boost your Confidence

Memories of Boot Camp
by Vicki M Taylor

We stood at attention for so long I thought I’d break down from heat stroke. Finally, our sergeant gave us the parade rest command.


A light breeze picked up. I stretched my short body as high as I could to catch the intermittent wind as it passed by. We were packed in like sardines. All of us sweating, dripping on each other.

Those at the head of the squad received the command to pick of the backpacks on the ground and help put them on the recruits in front of them. Then signal to the recruit behind that they were ready for their backpack. At once, forty pounds heavier, the world took on a new meaning.

A silence fell over the squad. Then the next squad. Then the next. No more jocularity. We didn’t even complain about the weather. Life became serious.

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I would like to extend heart-felt, deep gratitude to all those who have or are serving our country. May we never forget!!

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