Saturday, October 17, 2015

Game Day Today - Michigan vs. Michigan State

I'm not normally a college football fan. And, I don't follow the schedules or even watch them on television. But, when a particular game comes around every year, I turn into a different person. That game is the Michigan vs. Michigan State game. 

Ironically enough, is today!

I was born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and grew up in Muskegon. I don't know how or why we/I became a University of Michigan fan, but it's been in my blood since I can remember. 

Living in Florida now, I haven't even been back to Michigan in 34 years, but the connection of this game is what keeps reminding me I am a Michigander. 

According to Greg Stephenson at

You can find the game on ESPN today 2:30 p.m. Central, 3:30 p.m. Eastern

The Series Record between these two teams is Michigan leads 68-34-5

According to Stephenson, what's at stake is this: "The winner becomes the top threat to Ohio State in the Big Ten's East Division and a serious contender for college football's playoff — and yet all that feels secondary. What's at stake this weekend is Michigan State's seven-year dominance of the rivalry it cares about the most, a run of success that is now in serious jeopardy with Jim Harbaugh coaching at Michigan."

According to Bill Connelly from SB Nation "MSU has won six of the last seven against Michigan and still ranks higher than the Wolverines in the polls. But if the numbers are any indication, Michigan has a chance to swiftly create a new narrative."

Of course, my bets are on Michigan. 

The rivalry between the two teams and their fans/students starts long before the game. According to Russell Westerholm, from the University Herald, "The rivalry is coming alive this year with Michigan State ranked seventh overall and shares a lead with Ohio State, Michigan, and Penn State for the lead in the Big Ten East at 2-0 in the conference. Michigan State is also 6-0 overall and has been ranked in the AP poll as high as second.

Since losing its opener to Utah, Michigan has held its next two opponents to one touchdown each before shutting out its last three opponents. Michigan State's offense may challenge the Michigan defense the way Utah's did, but Vegas odds makers are favoring the Wolverines at home nonetheless."

This is great news!! The Wolverines are the favorites for this game!! 

So, get your game face on, paint it blue, or just flop on the couch and tune into ESPN. It's going to be one heck of a game.

If you'd like to visit more pages about the University of Michigan try:

Of course their FaceBook page has great pictures and lots of game day information.

Picture courtesy of Michigan Football Photos.

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