Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Claiming my Blog

I've signed up with a new program called Technorati. I think what they do is help optimize your blog posts on the Internet for easier searching. Anyway something like that.

Technorati Profile

That's a link to my profile.


thewriterslife said...

Good for you, Vicki! Now what you want to do is add tags. Let's say for instance you want people to find you when they put "women's fiction" in the blog search engines. Go into your post and look up at the right hand side and you'll see "edit html" and "compose." Click "edit html." Your page will come up with all the html coding. At the very bottom, put women's fiction. Now, do this with all your search words, remembering to put a comma after your first set, and a space.

Then, click on compose and your search words will appear all linked up. Let me know if you have trouble. ;o)


thewriterslife said...

Great. It didn't show up. I'll email you the directions.