Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Have things in life gotten too convenient? Has everything in our life become so convenient that it's a bother to even get in the car and drive to a store to purchase an item?

I needed a new shredder. I'm a shredder freak and I basically wore out my old one. So, did I find my keys, grab my purse, put my dog in his crate, get in the car, drive to Office Depot, walk the store, find the shredder, wrestle it into a cart, go through check out, wrestle the shredder into the car, drive back home, let my dog out of his crate, put my purse and keys away and set up my new shredder?


I got on my computer, logged into Office Depot, compared thirty different shredders, clicked on the one I wanted, entered my credit card information and verified my order.

Office Depot will deliver the shredder tomorrow. I didn't even have to pay delivery charges because my total was over $50.00.

Is that just over the top way too convenient?

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